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When it comes to filling a rental vacancy in Kansas City, MO, your success depends on how well your list your property. Why? Well, it’s technically the first form of contact between you and your potential tenants.

Generally, it takes less than five seconds for a tenant to decide whether to read more about your listing or to move on to the next one. That means that you only five seconds to convince browsing renters that your property is worth their consideration.

So, what can you do to catch their attention? This post offers you a few great tips on how to write a impressive rental listing for your property in Kansas, MO. Here’s what you need to do:

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Congratulations on becoming a landlord. Sure, the journey wasn’t that easy, but you endured it all and made it to the finish line.

So, now what next?

Well, if you are like most investors in Kansas City, MO, your investment goal is to make money. In the rental business, this means earning a rental income.

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Investing in a multi-family real estate is a lucrative opportunity, especially since the demand for rental properties continues to grow. If you’re looking for steady income from a reliable source, investing in a multi-family real estate is a good idea.

You can either rent out the property that you invest in, or you can flip it and make it fresh in order to make an immediate profit. However, before you venture into multi-family apartments, you should do some research: inform yourself on property prices, most suitable locations, rental prices, tenant profiles, etc. You don’t want to invest your money in the wrong property and end up with a liability instead of an asset. Read more »

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As a successful landlord, you must have a thorough understanding of how to screen potential tenants for your Kansas rental property. Knowing the Missouri rental laws and how to browse through endless rental applications can help you weed out renters with a bad reputation. In the long run, by renting to high-quality renters you get to save time and money. Here’s how to screen potential tenants for your Kansas property. Read more »

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Contrary to popular belief, cows don’t roam the streets of Kansas City, MO. In fact, The Huffington Post ranked the city as first on its 2014 “coolest cities to visit” list. Also, it ranked fifteenth on Bloomberg’s America’s 50 Best Cities list.

Kansas City is no New York or Chicago. But, you will still find beautiful homes, fabulous food, and culture for a fraction of what you would pay in those two cities.

Thinking of moving to Kansas City? If so, here is everything you need to know.

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