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Chapter 535 of the Missouri Revised Statutes lays the foundation of the eviction laws in Missouri. As a Missouri landlord, it’s important you understand these laws before beginning a tenant eviction. Otherwise, the eviction may fail.

There are a number of reasons for when a landlord may evict a tenant:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Assault of another tenant or the landlord
  • Illegal drug-related activity on the property
  • Illegal gambling on the premises
  • Violation of a lease provision
  • Damage to the rental property
  • Holdover after the expiration of a lease


To evict a tenant for any of these lease violations, you must have a court order. This means you can’t just simply kick the tenant out by yourself. Self-eviction is illegal in Missouri.

Self-eviction includes such acts as threatening the tenant with violence, removing the tenant’s personal belongings, padlocking the doors or changing the locks, turning off utilities or any other action designed to force the tenant to vacate the premises.

If you are a Missouri landlord, here’s a guide to the proper tenant eviction process.

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