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Young Management Corporation

Young Management Corporation is among the top property management firms around Kansas City, MO. We have worked hard to offer top-notch apartment management services to both our rental owners and tenants.

Do you own a rental property and wish to maximize your return on investment? Young Management will help you achieve this goal. We help you find lucrative deals that bring in good returns on your investment.

Our managerial team has extensive hands-on experience in residential apartment management. We have sufficient resources to effectively manage your apartment rentals on your behalf. Our duties include screening potential clients, marketing your property, addressing residents’ concerns and overseeing maintenance and repairs.

Our company website is an excellent platform designed to cater to the needs of rental owners and tenants. Our offices are always open to serve you. Should you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

A Specialist in Managing Affordable Housing Communities

Young Management Corporation (YMC) is proud to have developed an outstanding team of professionals including residential property managers, regional and area managers, and headquarters support staff that delivers expert supervision of the federally assisted properties we manage. Our history with the

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and numerous other federal and state programs have resulted in our high performance for our ownership clients.

Our services include:

  • On-Site Property Management Supervision
  • On-Site Preventative Maintenance & Repair
  • Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans
  • Skilled Financial Management
  • Special HUD Reporting
  • Compliance Management and continuous monitoring of all HUD & IRS notices and regulations

Why Outsource to a Midwest Apartment Management Company?

  • YMC hires, develops, educates and trains property managers and support staff, and stays current with the ever-changing governmental rules, regulations, and mandates that are required of all federally funded housing.
  • YMC headquarters staff coordinates and manages the accounting functions, financial analysis, budgeting, compliance, human resources, banking and insurance relationships, information technology, marketing and public relations, supportive services, and more for every property we serve.
  • YMC continues to take a leadership role in identifying and adopting best practices that improve its effectiveness and efficiency and seeking continuous improvement in delivering best-in-class service and performance to the apartment ownerships it serves.

Why Us?

Our Company History & Background

Young Management started out in 1973 as William G. Young Company. We started out by providing management services to multifamily housing complexes in Kansas City, MO (Downtown & Surrounding Areas).

In 1990, we incorporated and changed our name to Young Management Corporation. Our founder, William G. Young, the majority shareholder, remains actively involved in managing the company. Today, We are a fully-fledged real estate firm that continues to uphold integrity and professionalism. Our commitment remains firmly grounded in our values. We serve you using a professional approach that ensures the highest quality service here in Kansas City, MO.

We provide services in Kansas, Missouri (Olathe Property Management and Overland Park Property Management as well as surrounding areas), Iowa and Wyoming.

Why Choose Us Over Other Downtown Kansas City Property Management Companies?

It is evident the critical role that property management companies offer in any society. For starters, we have an impressive property management track record. The company’s well-trained team has acquired many years of experience in the apartment management business. There is no doubt, professionalism is observed at every stage of our firm’s interaction with our clients.

Aside from offering management expertise for multi-family properties, we can tailor our services to suit your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us. We will always have a solution for you.

Work with our company and relax knowing it’s being managed by a professional home rental agency that’s been present in the Kansas City, Missouri area since 1973 (downtown Kansas City & surrounding areas). Everything will be cared for: marketing properties, drafting rental agreements, screening applicants, handling evictions, enforcing rent collection, inspection of rental apartments and financial reporting are some of our major duties.

With our company, you get a friendly, customized and personalized service. We distinguish ourselves from other agencies because of the passion and dedication we put into helping our clients. We offer you all the benefits associated with a professional property management company. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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Our Rental Management Services

Marketing Vacant Apartments

Our company offers affordable apartment management services in Kansas City, Missouri, and its surrounding areas. We know the value of effectively marketing your apartment complexes and their units. Our aim is to ensure your apartment units get filled with tenants as quickly as possible. We work hard to ensure you realize maximum returns from your Investments (apartment complexes). We also ensure you get reliable tenants who understand their rent obligations.

Screening of Tenants

Kansas City, MO (both downtown and surrounding areas) rental demands have been growing consistently. We understand how important it is to find the right tenants for your property. We strive to avoid the inconveniences associated with renting your property to bad tenants. Our firm has put in place a comprehensive screening process to differentiate between good and undesirable tenants for your apartment complex.

Every potential resident is required to fill out a detailed application to facilitate our thorough screening procedure. We do criminal background checks and verify employment status for all potential tenants.

Rent Collection

Without proper mechanisms, collecting rent is a big headache. At Young Management Corporation, we ensure all rent collections are done within the agreed upon time frame. All our tenants are well informed on rental payment policies and expectations.

Residential Property Inspections

Our role is to professionally manage your properties to allow you to concentrate on other important task involved in owning real estate. We schedule routine property inspections to verify your tenants have kept your units (apartments) in good condition.

Maintenance of Apartment Complexes & Rental Properties

Our KC property management duties include overseeing maintenance for our clients’ properties in and around Kansas City (as well as throughout the Midwest). We make sure your rental property is well maintained at all times and all repairs are immediately addressed. Keeping your units (apartment) in good condition allows us to attract excellent tenants.

Financial Reporting

Our accounting team is well equipped to handle all your financial reporting needs.


At Young Management Corporation, we have an eviction policy consistent with State-specific laws. Be assured all our evictions are handled in a professional manner in accordance with the law.

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Here at Young Management Corporation, we consider your Kansas City properties as our own property. We passionately manage and care for your rental properties to ensure they give you good returns. Our goal is to build long-lasting bonds with our clients and keep open communication channels. We are happy when your rental properties offer you maximum returns.