Are you looking for a property management company in Olathe, KS?

With 45 years of experience in managing properties, Young Management Corporation is amongst the best property managers in Kansas State.

We are driven by integrity, commitment, diligence, and exemplary customer service.

Throughout the years, our values have helped us successfully expand. We now manage properties in Wyoming, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri.

If you are looking for a competent, reputable, and reliable partner to manage your rental properties, look no further.

Let us ease the burden of managing your rental property.

We want you to enjoy the return on your investment, while we take care of the rest.

Keep on reading to know more about how we can help.

How Do You Benefit From Our Property Management Services?




Our services include everything you need for your Olathe, KS, properties.

With decades of experience in the industry, we know everything there is to know about managing your assets to their fullest potential.

Our experience in the industry provides our clients peace of mind while their property is being run by our professional staff.

Our duty is to ensure that your property is managed in the best way possible at all times.

It saves you the trouble of dealing with legal matters, tenants, complaints, maintenance/repairs and all other rental related issues.

Without proper experience, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

You may incur unexpected loses, unnecessary expenses, or even legal problems due to landlord-tenant conflicts.

That’s why you should hire us; to help you avoid these property pitfalls.


What Do You Get from Young Management Corporation?


Being the manager of a rental property on your own is never easy but working with us is.

We work with you to simplify the process by taking care of anything difficult or time-consuming.

Why work with us?

What exactly are we offering your properties?

Or, better yet, what makes us better than other property management companies?

Here are some of our amazing services:


1.    Marketing and Leasing Services




Having vacant spaces is never good for business and should always be avoided.

Without proper marketing, attracting great tenants for your rental unit can be difficult.

If you are new to the industry, advertising your property can be tricky and unknown territory.

Luckily, if you hire us, you have nothing to worry about.

That’s because we know how and where to advertise your rentals in order to attract renters.

We also provide a lease agreement that protects your interests and is drafted based on Kansas State legal requirements.


2.     Tenant Screening Services


Do you know what to look for when searching for the right tenant?

And if so, do you know how to find all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision?

Tenant screening is a critical responsibility of property managers anywhere.

This task can be time-consuming and tedious. It usually includes interviews, background checks and more.

Our screening process includes these steps as well as a deep dive into the potential tenant’s credit score, work, background information, recommendations, and more.

Let us take this tiresome step off your hands and find the perfect tenants for your properties.


3.     Rent Pricing and Collection Services




Our team is constantly analyzing market trends and neighbourhood averages to come up with the best rent amount for your property.

Young Management Corporation also offers online rent payment where tenants can conveniently make their monthly payments.

And the amount we collect each month is directly deposited into your bank account.


4.     On-Site Preventative Maintenance & Repair Services


Another benefit you enjoy from working with us is that you don’t have to be bothered with property upkeep.

We always go to great lengths to ensure that your property is in mint condition.

We take care of cleaning, repairing, maintaining, updating, and watching over your units.

This helps to keep the property welcoming to renters, visitors, and potential tenants.


5.     Eviction Services


If the tenant:

  • Fails to abide by the lease agreement
  • Damages your property
  • Fails to pay rent on time
  • Or does something that warrants an eviction

We will take care of it for you; including the legal part.

Our experience will make sure it goes by as smoothly as possible.

We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that the process respects the law and all who are involved


6.     On-Site Property Management Supervision




Large properties require on-site staff to help keep the location maintained.

If you haven’t hired any staff members, we can help you with that too.

If you have, we can help to manage and supervise them.

Making sure that they are performing their duties as is expected.

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7.    Professional and Skilled Financial Management Services


We, at Young Management Corporation, understand the importance of growth in business.

We believe that when you grow, we also grow. That’s why we always treat your investment as if it were our own.

Our primary objective is to help you reach your goals.

Our accounting team is well equipped to handle all your financial reporting needs.


8.     Legal and Compliance Services




There are a lot of laws and regulations surrounding property ownership and leasing.

If you aren’t familiar with them, you increase the chance of getting a lawsuit filed against you.

Our years of experience and expert staff will make sure your Olathe property is compliant with current local/state landlord-tenant laws, IRS and HUD regulations. In addition, we can handle any HUD reporting on your behalf.


With Young Management’s professional services and a long list of happy clients.

We are here to serve you with professionalism, integrity, and commitment.

Don’t spend another day struggling to balance time and resources between your investment and other aspects of your day. Let us ease your burden by managing your rental property.

If you are looking for a professional Olathe property management company that you can count on, give us a call!

Call: 816-779-313 or 913-947-3131 (TTY: 711).

We look forward to starting this investment journey with you!