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This year Kansas City has earned a spot as one of the best places to live in the US. If you’re thinking of moving to this state and investing in property, it’s smart to weigh the pros and cons of relocating to Kansas City.

Check out the full list below before you pack your bags:

Pros of Living in Kansas

Lower cost of living

Compared to other cities, residing in Kansas offers quality living and a lower cost. Housing is affordable in Kansas City making it an ideal place to choose as your permanent address. Becoming a homeowner in the region is well within reach for many especially if you’re willing to live just outside of the city’s limits. 

Solid job market

The local economy is strong and backed by trade, transportation, technology, and agricultural industries. What’s more, the unemployment rate in Kansas City is lower than the national average. The top employment providers are in the health care, manufacturing, and trade sectors. Some notable companies in the state include Ford Motor Co., AT&T, and Hallmark cards.

Delicious food

Kansas City offers residents and visitors delicious food options. You’ll see many food trucks around offering quick and tasty meals. If the conveniences, diversity of food choices, and quality of the cuisine weren’t enough the food trucks offer very reasonable prices. 

food trucks KS and MO

There are also plenty of barbecue options available! In fact, some go as far as to say that it’s impossible to find a BBQ that doesn’t offer a delectable menu. 

Plenty of entertainment options

Kansas City’s entertainment options aren’t in short supply. You can find a variety of amusing activities within an easy hour’s drive. Kansas City has urban amenities you can find several museums, theaters, and parks to wander in. 

Attractions for people of all ages

For attractions that appeal to kids and those young at heart be sure to check out some of the amusement and water parks in Kansas City. Kansas City also offers residents and visitors plenty of outdoor spaces to enjoy. You can explore the parks, bike paths, walkways, playgrounds, and lakes in the area.

Short commute time

Compared to other cities where traffic can be a regular daily headache, Kansas City offers less than a half hour’s commute to its residents in the metro area. Given its size, it has earned the title of landing the fifth-shortest commute in the country given its size. If you choose to stay in the rural part of Kansas, traffic is also minimal so arriving in the next town in 30 minutes to an hour is feasible.

easy commutes in Kansas city

For those residing in the suburbs of Kansas City, 20 minutes is all it takes to arrive in the downtown metro area. Time is valuable and it serves you well to enjoy your free time rather than spending it on long commutes if you live in dense cities.

Cons of Living in Kansas

Risk of tornados

Staying constantly updated with the weather alerts should become second nature to you if you decide to move here. You must educate yourself on the proper procedure when dealing with tornados as they’re quite common. It is advisable to know the location of a nearby storm shelter and prepare an emergency kit.

Tough climate

Preparing to live in Kansas means adjusting to the climate. The region has very polarizing climates depending on the season which can be jarring to people new to the area and can take some time to get used to. 

Summers can be comfortably warm or extremely hot. Along the same line, winters in Kansas City can be mild or extremely cold. It’s for this reason that when you’re looking to move here you need to ensure that your wardrobe and your living space accommodates the extreme of both hot and cold weather.

Poor access to public transit

If you want to reach your destination outside of Kansas, you need to own a personal vehicle. The public transit system is lacking outside the city center. Kansas city itself also doesn’t have a subway, train, or streetcar system. 

On the bright side, as previously mentioned commute times remain lower than in other areas. 

lack of public transit

High-income tax rates

Among the US states, Kansas lands the 14th spot for the highest state taxes. The tax proceeds are collected to maintain Kansas City’s amenities such as parks, schools, roads, and fire safety. What’s more, there are no tax breaks offer to married couples. That said, housing costs remain low so residents still manage to save their income even with higher tax rates.

Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy all the benefits the area has to offer then relocating yourself to Kansas City is a wise decision. Kansas City offers a relaxing lifestyle to city dwellers. There’s tranquility available in the rural area of this state that provides low stress for the residents. 

What’s more, saving money is achievable here with the low cost of living and solid job opportunities. You’ll also find plenty of activities to amuse yourself ranging from visiting the natural outdoors, historic sites, restaurants, and theaters. 

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