property-management-rent-collection-serviceAs a Kansas City property management company, Young Management understands the importance of well-timed rent collection. The way it’s done can mean the difference between success and failure. By working with us, rent issues will be a thing of the past.

We give our renters a variety of payment options to simplify rent payments. Among these options are online payment, mailing, and automated bank account payments. Rent payment is due on the first day of every month.

We’ll explain all these options once a tenant signs a lease with us or at any other time during their tenancy. Our team is always enthusiastic in this regard.

You can also count on Young Management for record keeping. We are meticulous in all matters regarding our clients’ properties. You can always access your property’s records whenever you want to. We believe in accountability and transparency.

Because of our vast experience, we can weed out the bad tenants from the good. We accomplish this through our thorough tenant screening procedure. The process involves checking the prospective tenant’s rental and criminal background, as well as verifying their income and employment.

This means that we can significantly minimize the odds of coming across a problem tenant. But even in the rare event that we run into one, we’ll ensure we approach issues in line with our lease terms.


How does Young Management handle late rent payments?


Our Rent Collection Process Explained

We handle all tenant issues with a blend of sensitivity, empathy and stern obedience to local statutes and the lease terms.

If a tenant is late in paying rent, we notify them of the issue. Next, depending on how late they are, we serve them with a formal non-payment notice. By adhering strictly to the provisions of the lease agreement, we can equip ourselves adequately should the issue, unfortunately, land in the legal corridors.

If they indeed fail to comply, the next step we take is to seek permission from you to begin the tenant eviction process.

In Missouri, the law doesn’t specify a notice requirement regarding nonpayment of rent. That notwithstanding, we still give our tenants a few days for them to pay the rent due.

The notice tells the tenant that they have a few days to either pay the rent due or vacate the premises. From our experience, most tenants pay during this period.

For the few that don’t, the only option left is to file for their formal eviction at a small claims court. Unlike a district court, a small claims court is quick, informal and inexpensive. We also opt for the court because the amount sought after is less than ten thousand dollars.

After the successful filing of the eviction lawsuit, the court’s clerk will issue a summons. After the summons is issued to the tenant, a court date will be scheduled within 21 days.

At the hearing date, the judge will give each party time to present their evidence. Assuming the case favors the property owner, the court will issue them with a “Judgement of Possession.” The tenant will have ten days to vacate the property.


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