If you are looking for property management services, you are at the right place. Young Management has rich experience managing different kinds of properties here in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Wyoming.

We have proven tools and strategies that guarantee your home will get leased in the shortest possible time. Among these tools and strategies are checklists and processes that we’ve tried and tested over the years we’ve been operational.

As a result, we’ve had great success leasing clients’ properties. Not only will we get your properties rented out quickly, but we’ll also guarantee they get the most qualified tenants who are responsible, honest, creditworthy, and above all, pay rent on time.

The young Management team is committed to service through a hard-working management style creating satisfied long-term clients and profitable properties. You can definitely count on us when it comes to leasing matters.

With the right tenant, you’ll enjoy minimized tenant turnover. Low tenant turnover means cost and time savings.

The tools and strategies we use are cost-effective and time efficient.


Property Leasing Services – Young Management Corporation


To ensure the quickest results possible, the following are the leasing services our clients should expect:


  • A thorough move-in inspection. Once you sign an agreement with us, the first thing we do is conduct a thorough move-in inspection. The inspection helps us assess the property’s condition prior to a tenant moving in. If repairs are needed, you can rest assured that they will get fixed skillfully and expertly. Over the years, we’ve been able to cultivate professional relationships with well-trained and respected contractors.


  • Marketing of the property. The first thing we do here is to take high-quality photos that bring the best out of the property. High-quality photos will help your property stand out among competitors. Regardless of whether the property is a luxury real estate or a lower-end rental, professional-looking photos are necessary.


  • Placing of “For Rent” signs. For Rent yard, signs convert really well, according to our experience. The signs are generally inexpensive; they cost about $20 to make. Also, neighbors can help with the marketing, too, as they have vested interest in who lives next to them.


  • Next, we conduct a comparative market analysis. The analysis helps us get the best rent for your property. With the right rent, the property will have a shorter vacancy cycle. Also, the right rent attracts the right tenant.


  • Coordination with rental listing sites. The rental listing sites in our marketing arsenal include Zillow, Trulia, Rent.com, and Apartments.com. Additionally, we also list your property on our website. With this done, you should be happy knowing your properties have received maximum exposure.


  • For better communication, we use a web-based system for all renter and owner inquiries. The platform also helps us coordinate various activities during the leasing process. For example, tenant support, replies, and property showing can be supported in the web-based system.


  • To improve our chances of landing a good tenant, we employ a detailed screening test.


  • Young Management keeps clients’ interests in mind. We make certain that the property is rented at competitive market rates.



To contact us, please call us at:

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