Our property management services also include the tenant screening process. Screening tenants correctly is an important process that ensures you get the best possible tenants for your property. With the right tenant, you can expect that they will care for the property and pay the rent on time.

Young Management puts a lot of emphasis on screening tenants. We thoroughly screen all tenants using our proven screening criteria to ensure that we get the most qualified tenant for your property.

To save time, we also use a pre-qualification system. The system allows us to narrow down the right tenant pool.


Additionally, we ask every tenant vital questions that help us immediately screen the good renters from the bad.

Examples of such questions include:

  • Are you willing to sign a year-long lease?
  • Would you be able to pay the security deposit at the lease signing?
  • Are you amenable to our lease application fee if you fill out the application?
  • Have you ever had an eviction?
  • Does your current landlord know you are thinking of moving?
  • How many people living with you smoke?
  • What is the rough estimate of your income?
  • Where do you live and why are you looking for a new place to live?

We ensure that such questions are fair and aren’t discriminatory in any way.

Young Management Tenant Screening Criteria


One thing that we seriously consider when screening tenants is their ability to pay rent. In this regard, we use a three-pronged approach.

First, we verify the prospective tenant’s income. In this step, we try to establish whether the tenant’s claims are true by verifying their income sources. In addition, we check their disability pay or social security payments.

Second, we inquire about their history of employment. This helps us determine their ability to pay.

Third, we check the prospective tenant’s credit history. By doing this, we are able to determine their credit score.


Prospective Tenant’s Rental Background


The next phase of the screening process involves assessing the rental background of the prospective tenant. In this regard, we also use a three-pronged approach.


We check if the tenant has a history of evictions.

If a tenant has violated the terms of the lease once, they are likely to do it again. The eviction process tends to be messy and costly.


We check if the tenant has a history of delinquency.

Our screening process makes it mandatory for tenants to provide us with references to their existing and prior landlords.


We establish if the tenant has a criminal background.

These checks also assess whether the applicant is a sexual offender.


If the tenant passes the screening test, the next thing they need to do is:

  • Agree to the lease agreement by signing it. Our team is always eager to respond to any questions they might have.
  • Pay the full security deposit amount.
  • Pay administrative fees.
  • Pay the pet deposit.


By using this tried-and-tested screening process, we’ve been immensely successful in getting our clients’ properties filled with high-quality tenants. High-quality tenants are drama-free, responsible, creditworthy, and pay rent on time.


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