As a landlord, it’s your duty to ensure that the rental property is habitable. That is, it adheres to housing and safety codes. The only way to ensure this is by conducting routine maintenance.

At Young Management, we understand how important routine maintenance is to the overall success of your business. We ensure your property’s value is safeguarded by ensuring the inspections are conducted regularly.

Through these inspections, we are able to identify issues early. This helps us keep repair and maintenance costs low. Besides, this helps drastically reduce issues for you in the long-run.

Young Management’s property management services can help you. Work with us and you can rest assured your property will be in topnotch condition at all times.

Once you sign an agreement with us, the first thing we do is inspect the property. If repairs are required, we’ll organize them based on cost, time, and urgency. We can help in budgeting, too.

Over the years, we’ve been able to establish professional relationships with maintenance contractors. This means that the work done will always be of high quality. The work is also done according to the set time-frame.

In addition, thanks to the volume of work we usually have, we are able to save on costs. These costs savings are passed over to you.

We also perform other inspections throughout the tenancy period. Specifically, we do four types of property inspections:

  • Move-in inspection
  • Move-out inspection
  • Seasonal inspection
  • Drive-by inspection

These inspections help us to check the air conditioning, plumbing, electricals, heating systems, appliances, and landscaping.

Why does Young Management conduct property inspections?

There are several benefits to conducting routine property inspections such as compliance with state and local statutes regarding emergency preparedness and maintenance.

  • Minimizing the wait time to get services from service providers like electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and landscapers.
  • Discovering issues quickly. If problems are addressed quickly, we can plan how to fix them before they spiral out of control.
  • We are able to plan ahead of time. This helps keep your property in a state of “rent-ready”. This also means shorter vacancy cycles.
  • Improving lease renewal rate. If your property is always in top shape, tenants will want to rent for a longer period. This means that you’ll be able to save on the costs involved in replacing a tenant.
  • Reducing costs. When repair issues are addressed early, you’ll be able to fix them inexpensively.
  • Safeguarding the property’s value. Left unaddressed, minor repairs can quickly develop into serious problems. By doing routine inspections, we are able to fix issues before the impact the property’s value.

At Young Management, we ensure that clients stay abreast on all matters pertaining repairs and maintenance. We achieve this through an effective communication system.

In terms of inspections, we’ll also strive to ensure strict adherence to the tenant privacy rights. We’ll make sure to coordinate the inspections with the tenant’s schedule. From our experience, this helps build a mutually rewarding relationship with them.


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